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Groomingdales believes that every pet deserves the right to be pampered from nails to tails. We also feel that the owners and their pets are a vital part of our team to ensure that their pet's needs are met. We groom both dogs, cats, and even a pig now and then. We do not believe in crating pets and welcome the opportunity to help pets learn to socialize with others.

Ice and Dogs (A Vet's recommendations)


Please do not give your dogs ice cubes or other frozen items in the heat to cool them down.  Ice cubes do not coole dogs down!


giving ice cubes to dogs in the heat has the opposite effect of cooling.  The canine anerior hypothalamus is triggered to warm up the body because it recognizes something icy cold has been absorbed, and subsequently the bodily temerature rises to compensatefor this.  In extreme heat a dogs' temperature needs to be reduced gradually.  


Give dogs tepid water only.  Tepid water soaked towels rubbed into the dog's fur close to the skin to waick away heat from the body will keep them cool, expecially under forelegs (armpits) and pads.  NOT ICE CUBES.


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