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Groomingdales believes that every pet deserves the right to be pampered from nails to tails. We also feel that the owners and their pets are a vital part of our team to ensure that their pet's needs are met. We groom both dogs, cats, and even a pig now and then. We do not believe in crating pets and welcome the opportunity to help pets learn to socialize with others.

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Senior Dogs Need Grooming with Tender Love and Care


As dogs grow older, their grooming needs change as well.  A good owner must be able to adjust expectations and accommodate an aging dogs unique needs.  Taking an older dog to the groomer can be just as rewarding and enjoyable as ever as long as the groomer is made aware of your dog's needs.  


Older dogs are often less active and agile, and may suffer from aches and pains that they didn't have when they were pups. Aging dogs often suffer diminished eyesight and sense of smell which can easily make them nervous or frightened if they think they are in an unfamiliar situation  For this reason, pets that have been visiting the same groomer for long periods of time are often more at ease during a visit. Talking to the dog in a soothing voice and using affectionate physical contact is a great way for both owners and groomers to relieve an older pet's stress and diffuse any tension.

Good Friends Come In All Sizes.