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Groomingdales believes that every pet deserves the right to be pampered from nails to tails. We also feel that the owners and their pets are a vital part of our team to ensure that their pet's needs are met. We groom both dogs, cats, and even a pig now and then. We do not believe in crating pets and welcome the opportunity to help pets learn to socialize with others.

Groomingdales will be closed Friday, July 26th through Tuesday, July 30th to renovate our floors.  We will reopen again for business on Wednesday, July 31st.


Groomingdales will also be closed on Saturday, August 3rd for a family function.

The Importance of Clipping Your Pet's Nails

Every dog deserves to have his nails taken care of.  To make this easier for him, please play with his feet and touch them so he is comfortable with having them touched and picked up.


Most of today's dogs are confined indoors when their owners are at work.  When they are outside, they run mostly on soft surfaces such as lawns and do not get as much opportunity to run on various hard surfaces, including concrete and blacktop which helps wear down their nails. Long, unkmpt nails not only look unattractive, but over time, they can do serious damage to your dog.  When nails are so long that they constantly touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain for the dog and putting pressure on the toe joint.  If this is allowed to go for a long time,the joints of the foreleg can acually start to be realigne and the foot begins to looked flattened and splayed.  This not only looks bad, but can leave your pdog more susceptible to injuries and make walking and running difficult and painful.


In extreme cases, overgrown nails can curve and grow into the pad of the foot.  These long nails can then get torn or split, which is very painful, and depending on the severity, may need to be treated by a veterinarian.


In the end, unattended nails create a vicious cycle.  Because the extra-long nails make any contact with the paws painful for your pet, he avoids having them touched.  This leads to unpleasant nail-cutting sessions.  So, be good to your dog!  Keep those nails trimmed.