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Groomingdales believes that every pet deserves the right to be pampered from nails to tails.  We also feel that the owners and their pets are a vital part of our team to ensure that their pet’s needs are met.  We groom both dogs, cats, and even a rabbit or pig now and then.  We do not believe in crating pets and welcome the opportunity to help pets learn to socialize with others.




Montgomery County requires that all dogs and cats be up to date on their rabies vaccinations before they are able to be groomed.


Rabies is a virus that affects the central nervous system.  It is usually transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal with a bite or a scratch.  Domestic animals such as cats, dogs, and ferrets are also at risk for rabies but can be protected by getting vaccinated against rabies.


Rabies is a serious and fatal infect that causes disease in the brain and leads to death.  


It is important to know the signs and symptoms of rabies in an infected animal.  A rabid animal may exhibit some of the following symptoms: 

  • Behavior change:  the animal may look anxious, aggressive or more friendly then normal.
  • Excessive drooling
  •  Foaming at the mouth


Montgomery County recommends the following to protect yourself and your pets against rabies.

  • Vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies as required by law.
  • All dogs and cats more than 3 months of age must be vaccinated against rabies.


Frenchie, an Akita/border collie 17 year old is in need of a forever home.  Please call our salon, 610-409-2740, if you are interested.

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